CPT-1011 and DX-802 with Slides and Rope Features


For children, creativity can be a social act, and help them to make new friends and strengthen bonds with existing friends. This awesome concept will certainly give children the freedom to do so and it includes all-time favorites such as the slide and more rope features.


Approx. Size -- Length 27.930 m
Approx. Size -- Width 11.500 m
Approx. Size -- Height 6.400 m
Approx. Size -- Length 91' 7 5/8"
Approx. Size -- Width 37' 8 3/4"
Approx. Size -- Height 21' 0"
Imperial | Metric

Play Value

Imagination Inclusive Interactive/Social
Swinging Jumping Climbing
Balancing Upper Body Strength Agility
Coordination Fitness Spinning

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