A playground experience unlike anything else!

The Ovni Track Ride is a multi-user and inclusive game that is sure to turn heads and put your park on the map.

Ovni Track Ride

Our Famous Biggo Seat

Our talented team has taken our world-renowned Biggo seat and installed it onto a roller coaster wheel. This revolutionary combination provides BIG thrills for anyone visiting the playground.

Our Biggo seat is fully accessible and can be used by multiple children at once.

Unique Design

This innovative game features a unique design that allows the Biggo seat to return back to its original starting point all on its own. There is no need to manually return the swing back to the beginning, allowing for less work and more play!

Ovni Track Ride

Get Started Today

Let’s kick your playground up to the theme park level by including this fun and exhilarating game!

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