Safety at Dynamo Playgrounds

Dynamo has delivered playgrounds to over 50 nations worldwide. Our incredibly high standards have allowed us to exceed all safety certifications in every market we serve. Here is a partial list of the safety standard certifications we’ve been awarded:

In the interest of playground safety, IPEMA provides Third Party Certification Service whereby a designated independent laboratory, TUV SUD America Inc., (TUV), validates a participant’s certification of conformance to ASTM F1487, Standard Consumer Safety Performance Specification for Playground Equipment for Public Use, except sections 7.1.1, 10 and 12.6.1; CAN/CSA Z614, Children’s Playspaces and Equipment Standards, except clauses 9.8, 10 and 11; or both. The use of the corresponding logo in the Dynamo Playgrounds catalogue signifies that Dynamo Playgrounds has received written validation from the independent laboratory that the product(s) associated with the use of the logo conforms with the requirements of the indicated standards. Check the IPEMA website ( to confirm product certification. The use zone requirements in this publication are shown to ASTM standards. The requirements for other standards may be different. According to CSA, playground maintenance and inspection is a continuous and integral part of budgetary costs. The cost of inspection and maintenance shall be considered and incorporated into the budget at the time of design, purchase of equipment and installation (11.1.1 Budgeting).

The European Standard was developed by the European Committee for Standardization. The majority of Dynamo Playgrounds products have been designed to be TUV certified by a third-party validator to EN 1176:2008, the European Standard for Playground Equipment.

The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) is a scientific and technical organization that is a major developer of standards for testing different types of materials. In 1993, the ASTM published “Standard Consumer Safety Performance Specifications for Playground Equipment for Public Use,” designation F1487-93. ASTM is more technical than the CPSC. ASTM revised its old standard and published a new standard in 1995, 1998, 2001, 2005, 2007 and again in 2017.

The Canadian Standards Association (CSA)  Nearly all equipment developed by Dynamo Playgrounds is certified to meet CAN/CSA-Z614-14 the Children’s Playspaces and Equipment Standard, through IPEMA.

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