Get ready for non-stop action!

With our new Modular Pump Tracks, you’re sure to experience exhilarating, fast-paced action around every twist and turn.

Modular Pump Tracks

Modular Design

The modular design means that setup is a simple and short task – most tracks bolt together in a few hours – and future maintenance is equally simplified.

Even more, you can easily reconfigure the layout or add in a few more modules to change up the design in the future.

Different Configurations

Our pump tracks come in a variety of configurations and module combinations, providing the perfect ride for the community you’re aiming to serve.

Our larger pump tracks have the ability to accommodate up to 50 people, making them a popular place for riders to hang out with friends and show off their latest tricks.

Modular Pump Tracks
Modular Pump Tracks

Perfect For All Skill Levels

Whether a rider is performing impressive stunts or simply cruising casually, our Modular Pump Tracks can be used by every age and skill level.

Our pump tracks help users work on their balance, coordination, and overall body strength all while promoting physical activity.

Non-Stop Action

Speed, excitement, and exhilarating momentum all on one never-ending track!

Contact our team to request more information or download the Pump Tracks Catalogue today!

Modular Pump Tracks
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