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For a quarter century, we've produced revolutionary designs that promise and deliver real adventure and excitement that fuels children's 'Ship of Imagination'.

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Let your imagination soar to new heights!

Welcome to Dynamo Playgrounds!

At Dynamo, we create play spaces that allow children to discover and explore new ways to learn and play!

Bienvenue chez Dynamo Playgrounds!

Avez-vous un projet de terrain de jeu à venir? Regardez la vidéo ci-dessous et construisons un nouveau terrain de jeu – ensemble!

Introducing Dynamo's Super Quad Pod

Kids get excited when they play on our SUPER QUAD POD! Check it out!

Landmark Playground

Dynamo Playgrounds introduces the ‘Dynamo Landmark Playground’.

Yonkers Greenway

Look at this amazing playground in Yonkers, NY! The kids of School 13 certainly loved it.

Dragon Fish

Dynamo Playgrounds introduces our ‘Dragon Fish’ inspired ropes course.

Place De Famille Playground

Now THIS is a PLAYGROUND! With different levels of climbing challenges, musical instruments and rock climbing elements, kids get to create a world of adventure at their neighbourhood treehouse!

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