Dynamo playgrounds ignites the idea that you never dreamt possible for your community park. Our future designs come into play from your imagination. Dynamo’s creative games help develop unforgettable childhood memories worldwide. Let’s build amazing things together.

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Dynamo Playgrounds

For a quarter century, we've produced revolutionary designs that promise and deliver real adventure and excitement that fuels the children's ‘Ship of Imagination’. Rope rockets that are out of this world, Mast Nets that reach the stars, Biggo swings that let you travel through space on flying saucers, and our new Ropes Courses which are runways to the next galaxy of creations, as Dynamo Playgrounds reignites the playground universe. Never confined by playground industry norms, we took the lead and created a new standard of entertainment for children with our free form, artistic innovations. A new generation of revolutionary designs, meticulous attention to detail and a global search for the finest materials and methods have come together to create today's safest, most durable parks and playgrounds. Dynamo stands apart from the rest, because Play Matters.
Dynamo Playgrounds
Dynamo Playgrounds12 hours ago
Play space designers do have a massive responsibility. The ultimate goal of today’s new playground projects is to offer children of all ages a better play experience. The best playgrounds will be very enticing to children, attracting them to go to explore everything there, with a variety of sensations and puzzles that keep children intrigued for long periods of time. Experiencing that amazing feeling will have them craving to return again – making their own decision to leave behind computers or technology to just go out and play. Our playgrounds are unique and cutting edge games, made from modern materials and play equipment designs. Play that allows designers and buyers to make an immense contribution into how our children grow, learn and develop. Let’s give them a better foundation for their future!

Visit us at www.dynamoplaygrounds.com for more information!
Dynamo Playgrounds
Dynamo Playgrounds3 days ago
Dynamo Playgrounds’ compact structures, uniquely creative designs and dynamic play components combine to attract children of all ages and abilities to want to play, play, and play some more. This gives them more of the exercise and learning benefits of a great play experience!

Visit us at www.dynamoplaygrounds.com for more information!

1 year ago
Iconic structures identify a community to a worldwide audience. Dynamo can bring that to your playground! #playmatters #futureofplay #UDLExpo #landscapearchitecture #design https://t.co/KyoDylL8KX dynamoplay photo
1 year ago
What can children imagine in a playground like this? Anything they want! #UDLExpo #PlayMatters #futureofplay https://t.co/uQSeGAuGv7 dynamoplay photo
1 year ago
A well designed play space complements the community in the selection of shapes, colours, and activities. Dynamo works with our clients to create a play area loved by all. #UDLExpo #PlayMatters #design #landscapearchitecture https://t.co/UBiOkmJxI5