What Is Play Value?

The concept of play value is often discussed today while evaluating the purchase of commercial playground equipment, with sales people using buzzwords like 'value added' or 'best value'. Those same sales people are usually competing on price - offering the

Biggo Swings
The Fight Against Childhood Obesity

More attention is coming to this important issue now, and particularly in America - the matter of today's children being less active, less fit, and less healthy overall. Childhood experts are concerned about rising obesity levels, which contribute to more

Rotating Climbers
Universal, Accessible, Inclusive

I recently met a little boy at a playground in a town just outside of Chicago. This young lad is 6, and deals with both autism and muscular dystrophy. He isn't able to answer me with words, and his attention

Frame Nets
Safety Versus Challenge

The topic of Risk Management comes up a lot when an organization is dealing with existing or new commercial playground equipment. But when applied to the playground equipment itself, this terminology falls short of describing what we as playground designers

Smart Money In Any Economy

No matter what the economic climate, spending money wisely never goes out of style. As with any large purchase, choosing the commercial playground equipment to invest your city, community or school.s finances in is a decision that requires research and

Good Design Is Only The Beginning

Any manufacturer of commercial playground equipment will tell you that they build their equipment in compliance with the relevant standards or guidelines, and for the most part, they do. After all, no company is looking to cause any injuries to

Schoolyard Addiction Welcomed In Oakville

When the Parents’ Council of Patricia Picknell Elementary School contacted Dynamo, they were looking for a play structure to fill in their backyard play area. Rather than suggest another large, sprawling structure like the school already had on their site, Dynamo’s Ontario

Keeping Active For Healthy Living

It's no secret that a habit of regular activity helps the body in many different ways. Regular exercise can contribute to increased blood flow, decreased incidences of obesity, better physical fitness and improved mental acuity. And, as recent studies are

Rotating Climbers
Dynamo Means Play At Any Age

Dynamo's unique playground equipment has excelled at drawing the older users to the park and getting them to participate in play experiences on the equipment, rather than having to resort to more creative uses for the playground equipment. And while

Dynamo Goes To School

As September begins, many people turn their thoughts towards going back-to-school. For parents, teachers and students, this time of year can be met with different emotions. One thing is certain, however, that school playground equipment will be seeing a lot

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