Rotating Climbers

Dynamo’s unique playground equipment has excelled at drawing the older users to the park and getting them to participate in play experiences on the equipment, rather than having to resort to more creative uses for the playground equipment. And while Dynamo has a wide range of products that will keep even teenagers entertained and active, younger users are not forgotten!

The under-5 users are ready to explore and play, just like their older siblings. However, they may not have the same sense of risk and adventure as the older children. In order to fill that need, Dynamo has taken some of its best-loved products and scaled them down to provide the same fun experience for under-5.

Kids seem to be natural-born climbers. From the moment they can stand, they realize there is a lot more that they can explore if they go up; even the crawling motion that many children do before they walk mimics climbing to a degree. Dynamo creates Net Climbers that tower up to nearly 40′ (12m) high, but there are few 5-year-olds (and not as many adults) that would feel comfortable climbing that. That is why Dynamo has developed the Super Mini Series of Net Climbers that are age and height-appropriate for the younger users. And once the children have mastered these, they will have built their abilities and confidence enough to climb the larger nets.

Most children enjoy the fun of jumping. It could be the moment of flight they feel, or the chance to test their limits against one of the most persistent forces on the planet, but whatever the reason, kids will hop, skip or jump their way through many a day. Dynamo has responded to this desire by combining a Net Climber with a trampoline-style experience and created the Net Jumpers. While Net Jumpers don’t provide nearly the same amount of spring and bounce that a trampoline would, they do utilize the flexibility of the cable to provide an opportunity for children to jump, bounce and burn some energy while staying safely close to earth.

As most parents know, kids seem to have a nearly limitless supply of energy. While Dynamo hasn’t yet found a way to bottle that energy, many of the products are designed to use up as much of it as possible. One of the best-known products in that regard is the Mini Apollo, one of Dynamo’s Rotating Climbers. The Mini Apollo is a small-sized version of the extremely popular Apollo with Floor, and even though young kids are still comfortable playing on the larger Apollo, they feel more at home on the smaller model. And they are certainly more than happy to take turns pushing the Mini Apollo so their friends can ride. This dynamic helps burn energy, encourage fitness and promote sharing and fair play.

From toddler to teenager and beyond, whether you are young or young at heart, Dynamo has age-appropriate play equipment that is designed to keep people active and fit, develop teamwork, coordination and balance, but most of all, to bring fun back into playgrounds.

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