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At the core of just about any Dynamo product, you will find the humble steel reinforced rope cable. While this rope may seem simple, it is a complex construction of steel and nylon designed for maximum longevity and durability of the playground equipment it supports.

Interior Rope - 144 Steel StrandsEdge Rope - 168 Steel StrandsDepending on where in the net structure it is used, Dynamo rope will contain either 144 or 168 strands of galvanized steel that provide strength and rigidity to the woven polyamide nylon braid. The steel reinforcement is the real strength behind the cable, and finding the right balance between strength and flexibility is a key to a great play experience. The inner rope’s 144 strands provide excellent strength, while keeping the cable flexible and comfortable to grip. The edge rope’s 168 strands provide additional strength where it is needed most – on the cables that take the most tension and keep the net standing tall.

The nylon weave that covers the steel is specifically developed with play in mind, to withstand the rigors of sun, water and salt. UV protection and flame retardant solutions are added into the nylon before it is braided, ensuring complete coverage and protection. This method allows for a soft, comfortable climbing experience that also achieves a class 7-8 Colourfastness rating – the highest level of protection available! Not only does this greatly delay the signs of fading in the rope, but the addition of the UV additive also serves to resist the wearing or fraying of the yarn.

No matter where it is used on any of the Dynamo climbing events, the steel reinforced rope cables are over-engineered to provide strength, durability and fun year after year.Rope Colours

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