The Perfect Playground is Worth the Risk – Part 2

As discussed in the first part of this article, perceived risk is a necessary part of play when it comes to commercial playground equipment. Without it, children become bored and lack the opportunities to test themselves and grow.

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The Perfect Playground is Worth the Risk – Part 1

Would you play a game if you knew that the other team would lose every time? The obvious answer is no. None of us would want to do that because there wouldn't be any challenge. What would be the point

Can A Playground Make You Smarter – Part 2

In the first part of this article, I covered four of the eight types of intelligences and how they can be improved upon in the playground. In the second part, I will conclude with the remaining four: Musical/Rhythmic – Imagine

Can A Playground Make You Smarter – Part 1

A prominent theory in education is Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences. Gardner proposed that, rather than intelligence being a single trait that you either have or don’t have, it is instead something composed of 8 factors which we all

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A Better Play Experience For Our Children – Step 3

Playground equipment has seen much evolution since its inception. The first playgrounds were little more than sand boxes; play spaces for many years featured simple devices such as see-saws, carousels and tall swings. Most people remember playing on modular structures

A Better Play Experience For Our Children – Step 2

While we realize that frequent play benefit children with their daily physical activity, it also extends beyond just profiting their youthful bodies. Recently, free-play has been seen to reduce stress, allowing children to focus more intensely on their studies.

A Better Play Experience For Our Children – Step 1

Today's parents and caregivers are paying more attention than ever to the choices of activities for their children - not just in structured activities, but more increasingly in free-play. Parents recognize the need to choose wisely and offer their children

Grow, Learn And Develop

It has been said that it takes children to make a community. The sounds of happy, delighted children as they laugh, play and explore certainly do bring a warm feeling to any listener. In our experience, 'fun' sounds the same

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Enhancing Movement In The Playground

A body in motion tends to stay in motion, but how does the motion begin? One of the biggest challenges today for parents and play space planners alike is the need to get kids moving again. A growing number of

Three Keys Of Play Value

Why does a city or county put in a public playground? Why would you set aside valuable land and invest your dollars in this equipment, especially when costs are rising and funding dollars are harder than ever to come by?

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