As September begins, many people turn their thoughts towards going back-to-school. For parents, teachers and students, this time of year can be met with different emotions. One thing is certain, however, that school playground equipment will be seeing a lot more usage over the next few months. Unfortunately, due to school budget issues and school zone consolidations, many school playgrounds are ill-equipped to deal with the number of students that may be on recess at any given time.

Fortunately, there is a solution. Dynamo Playgrounds has been successfully bringing exciting play solutions to schools for as long as we’ve been in business. What we’ve learned over that time is that schools like the high play value they find in Dynamo playground equipment – most notably the Rotating Climbers and Biggo Flyers. For most schools, the goal is to have a lot of children playing in a short amount of time, and small amount of space. Dynamo Rotating Climbers have a footprint of 11′ (3.3m) diameter or smaller, and play up to 35 children at a time. This can have a big impact on keeping the kids of the school active and engaged with play – just ask the parents and teachers at École de l’Envol de La Sarre in Abitibi.

Because Dynamo’s Rotating Climbers and Biggo Flyers accommodate lots of children at one time, you need fewer of them to provide the same amount of play capacity as traditional structures. This translates into less space required for the playground and less cost to make great playgrounds a reality. At Dynamo, we believe that playgrounds should be exciting for kids, and school playgrounds should be no exception!

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