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More attention is coming to this important issue now, and particularly in America – the matter of today’s children being less active, less fit, and less healthy overall. Childhood experts are concerned about rising obesity levels, which contribute to more disease and health problems, and can have a lasting effect in their lives.

We have heard often now about the Pull Your Own Weight Campaign, supported by US Senator Chuck Grassley, which advocates healthy habits including a regular program of working out, usually organized through school. Very recently we have heard more about the First Lady, Michelle Obama, stepping forward to provide leadership in this arena with her “Let’s Move” campaign, and supported by an Executive Order signed by President Obama. Let’s Move will focus on programs for better eating, and more organized physical activity.

At Dynamo we welcome our new allies in this important fight. Dynamo has always advocated vigorous, active play. We believe it is crucial to our children’s success to give them all the tools possible for healthy bodies and minds. Our unique commercial playground equipment is designed first & foremost to encourage movement and action. It is our belief – and we see the proof positive in the playgrounds we install at school playgrounds and city parks – that when you give the children activities which will challenge them, and excite them, they will be drawn to get up and move, to get outside and leave behind the electronic media. When it’s this much fun, the kids don’t even realize they’re exercising!

Rotating climbers that require constant effort to keep them going, climbing nets that jiggle as you move, swinging activities for 4 friends at a time – more than any ‘traditional’ play structure, these activities will give children the opportunity to run, jump, climb, swing, and bounce. The children will be free to participate at their own ability level and in their own way, with none left out because of a lesser ability. As the children gain in their fitness level and capabilities, they can increase their participation; and, they are taking part in community play as well.

This collection of valuable programs can work together to achieve a common goal – health and success for our children and their future. In addition to these organized programs, we recommend providing ready access to fun play areas where children can participate in unstructured active play, and find their own potential. At Dynamo we say let’s fight childhood obesity the world over – One Play at a Time!

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