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In conclusion to Safe Summertime Fun – Part 1, we continue to look at ways to help make your trip to the park a safe and enjoyable one.


In the summertime, children will often ride a bike, skateboard or scooter to get to the park. While doing so, a helmet is an important piece of safety equipment. However, once they get off their chosen ride, the helmet should come off as well. Playgrounds are designed with openings that permit or restrict access based on the body and head sizes of average children. Helmets, and other safety equipment, can change the child’s body and head size, causing the child to possibly not fit through all the places the playground designer intended.


One of the most important things you can do when taking a trip to the park is bring along lots of water to keep yourself hydrated. If the park has a splash pad, make sure to take advantage of it and keep yourself cool while playing. For extended park visits, stop and take a break or two in the shade. Your body will thank you!

With all the fantastic weather headed our way this summer, there will be plenty of opportunities to get out and enjoy your local parks and playgrounds. Keep these simple tips in mind as you make plans to get outside and take advantage of them. Whether your summer season is short or long, don’t forget to go make some memories with family and friends!

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