Cognitive Development

In the simplest terms, cognitive development is a person’s ability to think and to use reason. Cognitive development amongst children often varies. Even in the same age groups, you’ll see a wide range of skill and intellect.   That range

A Park or a Playground?

Maybe it’s just me, but I was a grown-up before I realized there was a difference between a park and playground.  I suppose it depends on where you grew up, but I mostly used the words interchangeably, sort of like

Symbolic Play
Symbolic Play

Your little one rips open a new toy for their birthday, tosses it aside and grabs the box. They climb inside and start using it as a car. Cute, right?  Your child has mastered another milestone, symbolic play.  Symbolic play

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Laughter at the Park

You’ve heard of laughter, and you’ve heard of yoga…but have you heard of Laughter Yoga?  With a recent rise in popularity, laughter yoga is becoming quite popular amongst adults to reduce stress and increase fun in their daily lives. Basic

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Playground Learning

We often think of learning as an indoor activity, yet outdoor environments are wonderful places to play, exercise, and learn. Outdoor spaces like parks, playgrounds, and nature trails can promote engaging learning opportunities while also promoting active play.  Open spaces,

Playground Surfacing
 Playground Surfacing

The primary intention behind playground surfacing is for child safety. The most frequent injuries at playgrounds are from falls so proving a safe landing surface a top priority.  Keeping in line with industry standards, surfacing requires an appropriate amount of

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Reclaim Your Joy

Do you remember your favourite part of the playground at recess? The anticipation of the bell ringing would bring pure joy, only topped by perhaps the joy of an ice cream cone on a sunny day. We would rush to

Adventure Play

The concept of adventure playgrounds began in the 1930’s in Denmark.  A playground developer, C.T. Sorenson, noted that children preferred to play everywhere else but on the traditional playgrounds he built. Perhaps they were just poorly designed, or maybe it’s

Parks and Papas

Nanny and Poppy, Grammy and Grampy, Nonna and Nonno…whatever you call them, if you’re blessed enough to have some amazing grandparents then you’ve probably got some great childhood memories.  Grandparents are such a significant part of our upbringing. Meaningful connections

Pocket Playgrounds

Developing a neighbourhood without building a park is like planning for a wedding but forgetting to consider the actual marriage.  It’s all fun and games until your new home owners are constantly having to leave their area to find a

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