Ovni Track Ride

The Dynamo Playgrounds team is excited to introduce the all-new Ovni Track Ride! It truly is a playground experience unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Our talented team of creative designers and developers have taken our world-renowned Biggo seat and installed it onto a roller coaster wheel. This revolutionary combination provides BIG thrills for anyone visiting the playground.

Unique Design

This innovative and monumental game features a unique design that allows the Biggo seat to return back to its original starting point all on its own. This means that no child is left at one end and there is no need to physically return the swing back to the beginning, allowing for less work and more play!

As with any Dynamo Playgrounds game, the Ovni Track Ride was designed with sustainability in mind. The structure is low maintenance and designed to be durable and long-lasting. We want to ensure that the children in your community can get as much play out of each of our games as possible.

Our Famous Biggo Seat

With the implementation of our Biggo seat, we have created a multi-user and inclusive game that is sure to turn heads and put your park on the map. Our Biggo seat is fully accessible and can be used by multiple children at a time. The dish-like seat conjures up shared images of soaring spaceships or flying carpets, all while helping children of all abilities develop their balance and enjoy some well-deserved and well-needed social interaction.

Bring the Ovni Track Ride to Your Community

We invite you to feel the thrills of a 100ft ride in your own community!

If you are interested in learning more about the latest addition to our product catalogue, email us today at sales@dynamoplaygrounds.com. You can also reach us by calling 1-800-790-0034 if you are located in North America or 1-613-446-0030 if you are located outside of the US or Canada.

Let’s kick your playground up to the theme park level by including this fun and exhilarating game!

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