Play as you Go

Bus that drives over cars

Play as you Go

Urban sprawl, city congestion and vertical living – all of these are affecting the lifestyle of families around the world. Increasingly, living spaces maximize buildings and multi-purpose green spaces, relegating large playgrounds to the fringes of large modern cities. This in turn means that the majority of city families may have to travel significant distances and time to ‘just go out and play’.

Bus that drives over carsAt Dynamo we thought a lot about this problem, and then we asked a question: “If the children can’t come to the playground, can the playground come to the children?” Happily, today the answer to that question is a resounding “YES!” Dynamo is very pleased to announce today the release of our Mobile Playgrounds.

These traveling platforms are modeled after traffic-skipping mass transit vehicles, designed to drive along on stilts that let them pass right over top of ‘average’ passenger cars and keep on going. Doing more than just carry commuters, this mass-transit option is good for both body and well-being, so that children and families can play-their-way to lessons & shopping, then play their way back again.

Mini Apollo inside BusDynamo’s compact structures, uniquely creative designs and dynamic play components combine to attract children of all ages and abilities to want to play, play, and play some more. This gives them more of the exercise and learning benefits of a great play experience, and cities may want to add these options to a large number of their usual transit routes.

Riding in playgrounds like these, you may want to take the long way home.

We hope you enjoyed our April Fool’s joke this year.