Dynamo’s Venus Fly Trap

Dynamo Venus Fly Trap Open

Dynamo’s Venus Fly Trap

Dynamo Playgrounds’ designs for innovative commercial playground equipment have always involved careful thought and planning. Rather than following the ‘status quo’, Dynamo seeks to bring more adventure, activity, and challenge to interest the world’s children and get them moving.

Experts have often spoken about how important challenge is for children’s learning and development, and how they also need activities which provide goals and rewards for achievement. Margaret Elgington of TeachingExpertise.com recently authored a comprehensive article on the subject.

Dynamo Playgrounds’ Rotating Climbers have long been popular for the activity and attraction which they bring to the playground. Dynamo Venus Fly Trap OpenThe newly designed Venus Flytrap™ will bring more challenge, goals and rewards for users than ever before. The Venus Flytrap™ is a rotating climber with a small central deck. This makes the game fully accessible for all users. The curved ‘Leaf’ sections allow both normal and inverted climbing on the nets, reaching as high as 2.5M to look out on the world as it swoops by.

But, that is only the beginning of the fun! The Flytrap’s most unique feature is the goal in the center.Dynamo Venus Fly Trap Closed Through a uniquely designed system in the center post, the ‘Mouth’ will automatically open and close, on a random timing. Made from more of Dynamo’s famous nets, this center mouth makes a comfy nest to hang out and enjoy the ride. But – can you get in before the jaws close again?

That’s the challenge! Are you up for it?!

P.S. We hope you enjoyed our April Fool’s joke. Although the idea of a chomping mouth is exciting, it might not ‘fly’. Still, everything else discussed in the article is true :-).