A Letter from the PTO

McKinley Apollo

A Letter from the PTO

Dear Dynamo,

I just wanted to write now that the dust has settled at our school playground to let you know of the outcome of our playground upgrade.

McKinley ApolloThe Apollo climber was installed in mid-November, literally the week that winter arrived! The kids quickly dubbed the new piece “the Tornado”. It is hard to put into words how much the kids enjoy this new piece. The Tornado has been nothing but in HIGH DEMAND! For WEEKS after it was installed, staff had kids stand in line and “wait their turn,” twenty at a time. When the whistle blew after two minutes and a new batch of kids got to go on, there were screams of delight as the scaled to the top. Inevitably someone shouts “PUSH!” and there are always a few kids who are willing and enjoy pushing the Tornado.

Even now, two months after installation, the Tornado is in popular demand. The latest I hear from my kids is that their class is assigned one day per week that is theirs to play on the Tornado. Other days other classrooms from their recess group get their turn. Recess is always popular, but the addition of the Tornado has certainly created a renewed enthusiasm for outdoor play!

I hope that with this description you are able to get a sense of what a wonderful addition, to our school and to the community, this piece is.


Vice-President, PTO