The Science of Net Play – Part 3

Continual Motion

The Science of Net Play – Part 3

This weeks’ article focuses on another of the many passive learning opportunities presented to a child while they play on Dynamo playground equipment.


Continual MotionWhile it can sometimes be said that children are themselves perpetual motion machines, science teaches us that in order to get some sort of movement or result out of anything, energy (or work) must be put into it. Dynamo’s Rotating Climbers teach this principle quite well. The speed limiting bearing system works on a friction principle to counteract the effort that the children put into it, bringing it to a safe stop once the effort stops. This ensures that children must always run and push the product in order to continue enjoying the ride. This also has the added benefit of teaching teamwork, cooperation and turn-taking as some children must push so that others can ride. (Note to Parents & Teachers: Yes, the children can, and should, push. You are welcome to join them or ride along.)

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