Safe is the New Fun

Climbing with Confidence

Safe is the New Fun

When considering what type of commercial playground equipment to purchase for a school playground or city park addition, many people are hesitant about trying new or different styles of products. Equipment that appears different may be seen as unproven or possibly unsafe. However, everything is not always as it may appear!

Climbing with ConfidenceDynamo prides itself on making new and unique forms of commercial playground equipment that appeal to young and old alike, allowing them to run, climb and move – keeping active while having fun! Dynamo equipment is designed for compliance with standards from all over the world, so not only is it fun, but it is also very safe.

Net climbers are a prime example of equipment that is still on the emerging edge of play equipment, especially in North America. Dynamo offers a wide range of Net Climbers designed to serve everyone from the youngest child to the oldest teenager. Each net climber is specifically designed so there is no way for a child to fall from the top all the way to the ground. This allows net climbers to be built that are very tall (up to 11.7m / 38′ 5″) while still keeping the safety of a lower fall height. Also, children instinctively hold on and steady themselves while climbing which means even less likelihood of falling than if they were on a large open play area.

Rotational equipment is another fast-growing sector of playground equipment. Spinners large and small can be found in playgrounds across the continent and around the world. Kids love rotating equipment because it is so dynamic and engaging. All of Dynamo’s Rotating Climbers are built with speed limiting equipment that helps ensure fun, but at a safe speed. As this school principal said, “Despite initial fears that some had about the safety of this game because of its height and because it rotates, we can see now that it is designed with safety in mind; and, it is by far the children’s favorite.”

While products may appear safe simply because everyone has them, the new playground products of today are being developed with current safety standards in mind. To find a Dynamo product near you that you can check out, take our Product Locator for a spin and see how fun safe can be!