Reaching for the Stars!

Sitting in the Net

Reaching for the Stars!

Sitting in the NetImagine a standard piece of commercial playground equipment. Incorporate creative engineering and increased play value, and then visualize a fun-filled pyramid net. Now, triple its size! In our effort to enhance the play experience of children around the world, we have recently launched the DX-108 Genesis XXXL – the world’s tallest pyramid net by Dynamo!

Amass of ChildrenThis rope pyramid is like no other… Its center mast peaks at 15 m (49′ 3″), equivalent to the height of 10 cars stacked one over the other. Parents, no worries! The pyramid’s extra-large base and net geometry were designed for increased safety, and the DX-108 exceeds playground industry safety standards.

Reaching for the SkyThe Dynamo Genesis XXXL has, without a doubt, revolutionized the world’s vision of play equipment. The product was launched in January 2014 and has since been generating amazing reviews, as it provides a physical (and mental!) challenge to children of all ages, the ultimate test being to reach the top of the pyramid! For added comfort, Dynamo can incorporate resting seats into the net for those who are determined to climb their way to the top and reach the stars.

Regardless of its location, the DX-108 instantly becomes the local hot spot for families. This is no problem for the grand pyramid, as it can hold up to 250 children at once! Thanks to our long-lasting materials and great warranty program, the structure will remain in great shape year after year. With up to 100 years of warranty on select parts, the Genesis XXXL will definitely accommodate many generations of fun!

Genesis XXXL Full Product Shot