Raising Imaginations to New Heights

Boys sitting on ledge

Raising Imaginations to New Heights

Inspired by kids, Dynamo brings you the first commercial playground equipment that combines imagination, climbing, dynamic perspective and great play value with intense fun. The Dynamo Cityscape climbers bring these city buildings – from the Xrise to the Skyscraper – to your local playground… new heights, new imagination, new intense creativity, new challenge yet right at kids’ fingertips.

We all have been there – standing in the middle of a city, surrounded by skyscrapers. Our heads turn around, mesmerized by their extreme heights and their incredible dynamic perspectives above so close to the sky. We keep staring around; imagining what it will be like if we climbed up… the scene is amazing.

The Dynamo Design Team is constantly researching and working on new product ideas, trying to satisfy the kids’ imagination while bringing the play value that Dynamo products are well known for. Our designers examined, observed and analyzed the way kids interact… in nature. Something amazing that they observed was how kids like to mimic their own parents, to achieve, to explore and mostly to imagine. The surprising factor was how much the kids also like to take a break and relish their achievement, looking over the land and enjoying the view after a big and challenging, yet fun, climb. That’s when the bulb went on, the birth of Dynamo DX Cityscape!!! Combining the awesome perspective and imagination of the city, with the satisfaction of a climb, we designed rock buildings out that have inset windows which serve as handholds and footholds for easy climbing, and a large area at the top where kids could stop, look over their surroundings and contemplate their achievements.

Play value, imagination, creativity … these are some of the words that describes this new Dynamo product. The DX Cityscape climbing buildings give you the opportunity to create your own city within your playground with Xrise at 5 ft (1.7m) high, the High Rise at 7 ft ((2.1m) high, Mega Tower at 8 ft (2.4m) high and the Skyscraper at 10 ft (3.0m) high. Put several different sizes together to create a city with various heights and challenges. Add some Dynamo Net Climbers as imaginary mountains and create a whole countryside… The possibilities are endless – what is your ideal Cityscape? (If you need some help, here’s an idea to get you started.)