Playgrounds Truly Out of This World!

DX-107 Net Climber as seen from Mars

Playgrounds Truly Out of This World!

Dynamo Playgrounds will be the first commercial playground equipment manufacturer to design and build extra-planetary playgrounds. As technology develops and mankind looks for new challenges and opportunities, the possibility of actually colonizing a new planet is seen by scientists as being within reach. To capitalize on this opportunity, Dynamo Playgrounds have developed long-term strategic alliances with both the Canadian Space agency, and NASA.

DX-107 Net Climber as seen from Mars' orbitPlans for colonizing Mars will need to include play areas and Dynamo fits the bill. John Carter, a lead planner on the Mars Colonization Project, stated “Dynamo’s products are ideal for our needs for many reasons. Space on a ship is absolutely critical for shipping so far away, and their actual volume of material when packaged for shipment is very low compared with the size and capacity of the finished structures. Also, their play appeal covers such a wide range of ages and interests, nothing else can compare with Dynamo’s versatility. In addition to the products and designs being so futuristic on their own, the climbing nets will lend themselves well to play in lower than standard earth gravity. Finally, as you know astronauts in zero-gravity always have to work hard on their fitness in order to prevent loss of bone density. In the lower gravity of Mars, colonists will have similar needs, and the active play encouraged by Dynamo Playgrounds will mean that the children will have their fitness without it ever seeming like work. We are excited to see this playground taking shape in the next 20 years or less.”

Dynamo Playgrounds stands ready to soar!

P.S. We hope you enjoyed our April Fools’ joke; when extra planetary colonization becomes a reality, Dynamo is ready to be a part of it.