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Pundits Perplexed by Playing Pensioners Pickle


Incredible reports are being received from customers with new Dynamo Playgrounds equipment across the country: swarms of senior citizens are staging takeovers of local playgrounds. Children are confounded to 'see wrinkly people at the playground'.

Last week, a particularly large crowd of seniors descended on a prominent city park. This event was so large scale that it attracted local news channels, who remarked that the proceedings seemed very well organized, and not likely to be merely an organic event.

A city parks department official, asking not to be named, was quoted saying "It's a bit like the sit-in protests of the 60's. I suppose that would be a strong memory for them, though seeing the seniors sitting haphazardly across the play structures also reminds me of scenes from that Birds movie!" The official quickly left the scene...

One organizer of this Seniors Swarm was interviewed at the scene, but would only identify themselves as Ida Ratherplay.

Ms. Ratherplay stated "First, it's important to note that we are not trying to be mean here. We aren't angry with the children. It's just that we never had such amazing playgrounds to play on. I mean, if we were lucky we had a deck, a slide *and* a firepole. Compare that to one of these games that has climbing, sliding, spinning and more - all on something that spins too! I can't believe it. Kids today just don't know how lucky they are..."

Ratherplay concluded by saying that seniors just want to be included in the fun. Further research has indicated that most seniors believe the most geriatric germane game to be Pickle Ball, and they protest its lack of inclusion into playground planning.

Ever eager to solve situations for parks departments, and make play opportunities better for the families of the world, Dynamo has a solution. Widely known for their spectacular Ropes Course custom designs, Dynamo will release a new option which incorporates one or more Pickle-Ball courts into the Ropes Course. While giving the flummoxed fogeys a play event which they recognize as age appropriate, the Pickle Ball games will add to the challenge for users of the Ropes Course as they dodge the little whiffling ball while engaged in the climbing and other activities of the Dynamo Playground equipment.

Dynamo looks forward to many happy senior selfies as they proudly pickle on their outdoor odyssey, and as playground life returns to normal.

We hope you enjoyed our April Fool's joke this year.