Introducing T.karo Luxuria

Introducing T.karo Luxuria

Setting a new precedent in commercial playground equipment for the discerning play enthusiast, Dynamo is pleased to announce our new luxury line: Tākaro Luxuria. Taking our already world successful games to the ultimate level, Dynamo’s most proven designs will be made over with the world’s most extravagant materials.

DX-2100-F with Gold RopeClients will be able to choose from a variety of options. Ropes, the heart of most Dynamo creations, will be available in both Soft Spun Silver, and Glowing Gold. Using patented processes, Dynamo’s engineers are able to create thread from the pure precious metals that is utterly beautiful yet just as soft to hold as the highest quality nylon or polyester fibers. Titanium wire will replace the usual steel reinforcing wire at the core of the ropes, making them even more long lasting than typical production models.

DX-3200 Encrusted with JewelsFor even more glitter, platinum junctions will join the ropes into their matrices. Posts and frame pieces will be available in solid titanium, palladium, and latinum. All posts and frames can be accessorized by studding them with gemstones ranging from opal and jade to rubies, sapphires, and diamonds. Every finish can be customized to the client’s personal taste.

These new lavish models are eagerly anticipated by developers of luxury housing projects around the world. In this renewed building boom and new era of unprecedented competition in the high ticket housing markets, savvy developers have realized that creating a unique community to attract buyers requires designing ‘outside the box’ for more than just the homes. Discerning residents today are quite apt to pass by a cookie cutter styled recreation area, but recent successes have proven that they are also very apt to choose, and pay more for, homes in a community that displays splendid creativity in the recreation and play spaces their children will enjoy.

Visit with your playground professional now to find out more about having your own Tākaro Luxuria to enjoy!