Dynamo Playgrounds is the world leader in innovative playground equipment. Our stunning designs and masterful engineering ensure that every piece we build inspires the imagination of children everywhere.

Our primary mission is the creation of the safest, most durable and most fun playground equipment in the world.

‘‘When we installed our first Dynamo net, so many kids came to the playground that we thought buses had brought them.’’

Pam P.   

Play Matters

Double the Fun at Eastmark Great Park®!

7 January, 2015

An enormous play creature has made its way into the large-scale community of Eastmark in Mesa, AZ! This caterpillar-like Dynamo net climber was nicknamed the "Orange Monster" by locals as a reflection...

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Enhancing Movement in the Playground

19 December, 2014

A body in motion tends to stay in motion, but how does the motion begin? One of the biggest challenges today for parents and play space planners alike is the need to get kids moving again. A growing number...

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