How Low (Maintenance) can You Go?

How Low (Maintenance) can You Go?

In the last Play Matters article, we discussed how one of the main aspects related to commercial playground equipment safety is good maintenance. In the current economic times, however, many jurisdictions are finding that maintenance budgets are not as big as they used to be, making it more challenging to keep their existing playgrounds maintained well.

Because some of Dynamo’s key leadership got their start in commercial playgrounds by maintaining them, Dynamo understands the maintenance aspect better than most. That understanding helps Dynamo build a low-maintenance approach into each and every product. For example, Dynamo Net Climbers can consist of hundreds of connections, but these are all compressed-in-place at the factory so they will not come apart or move under even the heaviest use. There is no need for maintenance personnel to tighten or adjust them on a regular basis. Even the tensioning system is designed in such a way that adjustments at only a few points will tighten the entire net; however, this tensioning need only be carried out a few times over the initial few years of the net climber’s use, and then at annual or bi-annual intervals after that, based on the product’s use.

Another example of low-maintenance design is found in Dynamo Rotating Climbers. Each one features a combination rotational and speed limiting system that is sealed from outside elements. This system is designed to be self-lubricating so no maintenance or greasing would be necessary over the lifespan of the rotational system. Dynamo Rotating Climbers also feature the same compressed-in-place connections as the Dynamo Net Climbers, ensuring even less maintenance is required over the lifespan of the product. This frees the maintenance staff to focus on other maintenance issues, like keeping the surfacing around the product at an appropriate level.

Perhaps the lowest maintenance products available are found in the Dynamo Nature Play collection. These products are constructed of ultra-durable reinforced concrete composite materials that stand the test of time and use without requiring any maintenance at all. And, unlike the natural pieces they are emulating, they are completely flame resistant.

Whether your maintenance budgets are small or large, everyone can benefit from playground equipment that is low maintenance. Choosing a Dynamo Playgrounds product for your park will help your maintenance team make their budgets go further.