Dynamo wants to Play Around the World

Ropes Course Circling the World

Dynamo wants to Play Around the World

Once again re-shaping the face of commercial playground equipment, Dynamo’s new series of artistic Ropes Courses blend visual display with play appeal. This blending of a play structure offering challenge to children of many ages with the art of a sculpture which intrigues the spectator too means that these net climbers are warmly received by the whole community whenever they are installed.

This wide-ranging appeal means that every installation is a huge success for the buyer, and requests for these unique climbing structures are flooding in to Dynamo. In fact, the amount of requests has reached such a high level that it has led to a completely unprecedented approach to playground design.

Ropes Course Circling the WorldIn much the same way that rails to trails created nation-spanning walking trails, Dynamo will now be creating the ultimate Ropes Course. Starting right at our home base in Ottawa, Canada, this Ropes Course will range from city to city, across state and country borders, shortly reaching all of the way around the world. A breakthrough in institutional cooperation will see each region taking responsibility for their section of the structure, and the designs will slowly change and evolve along the course to be indicative of each culture through which it passes.

Knowing that play is the same in any language, this World Ropes Course should bring all the children of the world, no matter their age or ability, a little closer together.

We hope that you enjoyed our April Fool’s joke. Of course, a cooperative structure of this magnitude may not really be possible. Then again, what if it were…