Dynamo TV is On the Air

Dynamo TV is On the Air

And now for something completely different!

Tyler's New PlaygroundDynamo is announcing a double launch in the same day: The newest dynamic section of our web site, Dynamo TV, begins by unveiling Dynamo’s new exclusive cartoon “Tyler’s New Playground”.

This fun cartoon is a playful way of looking at the amazing reaction which is enjoyed by Dynamo’s unique Biggo Flyer, rotating climbers, and climbing nets from the children who love them.

Dynamo TV will include videos showcasing special Dynamo playground projects, as well as videos of the Dynamo products in use. You can see the cutting edge of Dynamo technology, as well as some of the history of our product development. As a research tool to understand how these games are different from the average play structure, this is the next best thing to really being there.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, these videos speak volumes. Keep watching Dynamo TV for the latest new content for your viewing pleasure, and we hope you will share “Tyler’s New Playground” with all of your friends!