Dynamo Trail Bridge Goes the Distance

The play-bridge

Dynamo Trail Bridge Goes the Distance

The play-bridge's width accommodates all mobility needs. Photo by Christy Hinko

The play-bridge’s width accommodates all mobility needs. Photo by Christy Hinko

Where will this bridge take you? Eisenhower Park in Long Island, New York is the home of Dynamo’s most dynamic trail bridge to date. With a long and rich history, Nassau County’s 930 acre park is a welcome haven of greenery and recreation within an urban setting. Residents and visitors of all ages and abilities have been coming from near & far to enjoy the many activities which this park offers for nearly 70 years.

2012 saw the opening of a special new play area, with support from the Let All the Children Play Foundation, whose goal echoes that of Dynamo: “improving the lives and dignity of all children by developing accessible playgrounds allowing children with disabilities the opportunity to experience play, side-by-side, with their able-bodied peers”

At the heart of that new playground is something already loved by all the children: a custom designed Dynamo Suspension Bridge. Surrounded with artistic surfacing, children’s imaginations can take them on a journey anywhere as they cross this cable bridge that features super-strong steel reinforced ropes and environmentally friendly composite decking made from recycled plastic. Designed with everyone in mind, the bridge also has all the features needed for Accessibility, including an ideal width and curbs to keep wheels or canes inside the edges.

Children enjoy the sensation of movement as the bridge gently sways or bounces while they walk, and feel their friends walking nearby. Where would you like a Dynamo Trail Bridge to take you?