Double the Fun at Eastmark Great Park!

Play structure - Dynamo Playgrounds

Double the Fun at Eastmark Great Park!

An enormous play creature has made its way into the large-scale community of Eastmark in Mesa, AZ! This caterpillar-like Dynamo net climber was nicknamed the “Orange Monster” by locals as a reflection of its massive size and vibrant orange colour.

In fact, the rope-based play structure formally known as the IM-1017 Eastmark Ropes Course is sectioned into two separate parts that altogether take up almost half an acre. It therefore provides double the fun to its users, with even more twists, turns, and exercise opportunities than any typical net climber.

Each section is able to hold up to 70 children at once, allowing a great number of users to engage in imaginative play. Challenging climbing surfaces, two cool slides, net seats, and mats make for the perfect play environment for children of all ages.

Launched in the fall of 2014, the IM-1017 is one of the prime features of Eastmark Great Park®. It was inspired by Riverview Ropes Course (IM-1007) and custom-designed to complement the surrounding landscape and community framework. The IM-1017’s artistic curves can be seen from afar in daylight and at night, thanks to a refined lighting system that outlines the structure.

Together with nearby open fields, pathways, water play areas, and an event pavilion, the “Orange Monster” will keep children and families coming back to Eastmark Great Park® again and again!