Biggo Swing Makes an Impact!

Biggo Impact Testing

Biggo Swing Makes an Impact!

Biggo Solo with ChainDynamo Playgrounds has always been a leader in revolutionizing commercial playground equipment, and from the start our world famous Biggo Swing was no exception! The newest impact testing data also proves that the Biggo Swing is better and safer than ever.

When Dynamo introduced the Biggo, it was so unique that even standards experts had a difficult time classifying it. Since then, Dynamo has worked closely with the standards committees in many countries to introduce changes to the standards that better address the Biggo and its unique place in the playground.

A much-awaited revision to ASTM F1487 Standard for Playground Equipment for Public Use was recently published, with changes in Section 8.6 for Swings. In addition to recognizing the uniqueness of the Biggo that was to-fro motion but multi-user fun, the industry experts writing the new standard also added an important safety criteria for limiting the impact of any swing seat by using impact attenuating materials.

Biggo Impact TestingAs anyone who has already experienced a Biggo Swing will know, the Biggo Seat has always had a safety bumper to help absorb any impact if a child should be in its path. The most recent impact testing by an independent lab gave us yet more proof of how safe the Biggo Swing is. Where the standard requires an impact of no more than 100 Peak G, the Biggo scores <19; and, where the standard requires an impact of no more than 500 HIC, the Biggo scores <18.

With this new standard in place, and the Biggo’s amazing performance, we are proud to announce that the Dynamo Biggo Swing is now IPEMA certified for ASTM, in addition to having been IPEMA certified for CSA since 2010. Shouldn’t every child have a Biggo to play on!