Biggo Fun in Paradise

Biggo Fun in Paradise

Paradise Spa DOGO in Asan, South Korea is a premium spa resort that offers some of the highest quality water hot springs found in Asia, as well as spa and water leisure facilities. They believe in breaking down the walls between health and fun, as well as making healthy, fun-filled spa experiences available to everyone in the family.

It was this desire for family fun in a spa setting that led them to approach Dynamo when they made the decision to expand the outdoor section of the spa facility. Due to the high volumes of people that visit the spa each year, Paradise Spa selected one of Dynamo’s Courtyard climbing nets, the DX-401-C, with a capacity of over 100 people. They were also interested in one of Dynamo’s Biggo Flyer models, but due to the popularity of the Biggo, Dynamo created the new DX-3600 Biggo Hexo. This new model has 6 bays of Biggo Flyers, accommodating up to 24 simultaneous riders.

Offering one of the four best hot spring spa water qualities in Asia, Paradise Spa relies on its water as a basis of reputation. This leads them to incorporate their water into every facet of the spa experience, and the new outdoor playground is no exception. In order to allow people to continue to enjoy the therapeutic water while on the Dynamo equipment, each piece was fitted with a number of water spraying devices. This brings a totally new play experience to a Dynamo product, along with keeping the spa’s customers cool and refreshed while they enjoy the Dynamo playground equipment.

Based on the success so far, Dynamo predicts that people young and old will continue enjoying the Dynamo product as part of their spa experience for years to come!

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