Our Promise to You

When we look back at the playgrounds of our youth, we often wonder where all the fun went. Even though we remember the thrills and the endless hours of enjoyment, much of the equipment we played on doesn't meet modern safety standards. The Dynamo team has gone to great lengths to make sure our children know the joy we lived when we were their age, but safely.

Our Apollo, Allegro and Astro structures bring back the spinning sensation of the merry-go-round, but use revolutionary technology to limit rotational speed and the use of our unique ropes instead of steel makes them completely safe. We've even improved on the traditional swing! Our Biggo swing can be shared with three friends safely, protected by Dynamo's industry-changing safety bumper. After all, laughter is meant to be shared, and real fun is contagious.

While kids want to have fun, parents want them to be safe, and communities want to know they are making the best choices they can. Every single person on the Dynamo team is completely committed to meeting these expectations. Our structures fuel laughter and imagination, but they are also the safest in the world. Their beauty, legendary durability and complete compliance to CSA, ASTM, EN standards, and IPEMA & TUV certification, make them right for every park setting.

Try them! Come and play! Then you'll know!

Richard Martin

CEO | Founder