Our Story

We have always believed in the freedom of change through our revolutionary designs that promise and deliver real adventure and excitement. We enjoy expressing our passions for the play industry through our own imagination and creativity in every product we design. This is a company that creates and designs based on dreams and ideas, and explores other people’s dreams. We believe in giving back to communities by encouraging the next generations to discover, challenge and learn their own independence by playing in unique structured playgrounds. We pride ourselves at creating today’s safest and most durable parks and playgrounds globally.

We not only push the boundaries of play and challenge the playground industry norms, we believe in equality for every child. We want to make sure that every child playing in one of our playgrounds, or on one of our structures, feels capable and equal to the child next to them. We are passionate about changing the way society defines what children can or cannot do. We all have different strengths and abilities and our games are created to challenge every child in a different way with every play, all together. We design and create to remind children that we can all explore our imaginations together.

We, as a family, stand behind the name Dynamo because we are a company full of extremely energetic people that continuously push past the boundaries with every new idea, design and concept. This is a brand, born and raised in the heart of Canada, that works extremely hard at exceeding expectations within every area of the company.

Come join in on the fun and help us bring the next theme park to your local playground.