A New Playground Blooms in Washington

Play structure - Dynamo Playgrounds

A New Playground Blooms in Washington

Chip Sommer and the team at MD Materials Playgrounds were excited to announce the completion of their newest Dynamo playgrounds project, bringing more adventure to the play around America’s Capital.

Chip commented on the project:

“We installed the Super Mini (SM-02) at St. Luke Christian Day School, in Silver Spring, Maryland, outside Washington, D.C. The young age of the children and the unusual location of the playground – in a compact area overlooking a parking lot – made the Super Mini a great choice. It replaced an outdated structure, which our crew demolished and removed. Our installation team found the Dynamo equipment to be manufactured with great attention to detail and long-term strength.

With the cherry blossoms in bloom, this playground looks like an ideal place to play.”

It’s a great day to play with Dynamo!